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The Migrant Young Writer´s Academy (MYWA) is a fun and engaging English Language Arts Intervention Academy focusing on writing structure and its implementation of expository text. 

Summer 2023 Session I: June 10-30 - Session II: July 8-31

English Language Arts Strategy 1.0; 1.1; and 1.2

High School Graduation Strategy 5.0

English Language Development Strategy 3.0 High

Dropout Rates Strategy 6.0

Parent & Family Engagement Strategy 12.0; 12.1

Student Engagement Strategy 13.0; 13.1

The MYWA will help migrant students foster creativity, self-expression, and unleash their excitement about writing!

Live Virtual Interactive Programming

ELA support with integrated ELD through asynchronous and synchronous learning with real-time teacher feedback and academic support and guidance.

ELA/ELD Instruction

Participating students will receive 30+ hours of ELA synchronous & asynchronous learning, including 1:1 support & guidance.

Assessment Data Collection

Participating students will complete an ELA & college readiness pre and post-assessment. All students will show a 25% between pre/post.

SSDP Alignment

Program designed to meet the unique needs of migratory students by closely aligning our program goals and objectives with California’s MEP 2017 State Service Delivery Plan (SSDP)

Student & Parent Workshops

Engaging workshops aimed at helping students and parents develop social-emotional skills and successfully graduate from high school. Sessions will be offered both in English and in Spanish.

Writer’s Academy Measurable Outcomes

ELA Instruction

Students will receive 20+ hours of ELA synchronous & asynchronous learning, including live sessions, and 1:1 support & guidance.

Project Completion

Upon completion of the academy, students will leave with a compare & contrast essay about the two (2) authors whom they read.

Academic Growth

Students will show a 25%academic growth between pre and post-scores based on UWLF's scoring scale.

Fall Cohort 2022

Spring Cohort 2023


1 on 1, Small and Large Group Instruction with ELD support and guidance by credentialed teachers.


Student Networking

Participating students will be able to connect with other like-minded students through daily games and fun activities.

Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Differentiated instruction and culturally relevant materials will be incorporated throughout the duration of the program.

Students learned how to identify emotions, recognize strengths and needs, and learned how to manage emotions, control  impulses and set goals in order to be successful as students and future employees.

Students participated in “Interactive Virtual Campus Tours” that offered insight to over 23 (UC’s, CSU’s, CC’s, and Private Institutions) where students were prompted to ask questions to “Tour Guide” in order to gain valuable information regarding college and university campuses.

En este taller los estudiantes se informaron sobre los pasos que deben seguir para estar preparados para la universidad y colegio desde que están en secundaria.

Students learned how thoughts, emotions and behaviour are all connected, and learned different coping skills to manage their emotions and control their impulses. Students also learned different techniques to manage stress in order to implement these skills in school and future career settings.

Students gained valuable insight to financial literacy skills and an understanding of the cost of college. Students were introduced to basic budgeting skills to evaluate costs commonly associated with college students. Students learned budget prioritization and the cost of attending a higher education institution and the resources required.

Students learned the importance of seeing things from other people’s perspectives, showing empathy towards others, and appreciating diversity.

Students explored differentiating higher education systems, worked towards finding the right fit and need, and most importantly decoding language that may confuse them as they enter the college system.

En este taller, los estudiantes adquieren herramientas que les permitan valorarse adecuadamente a sí mismos para así  tomar las mejores decisiones con libertad y responsabilidad.

Students gained knowledge regarding different communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution and healthy relationship skills to implement in school or career settings.


Students were able to better understand how being grounded in their values can lead to powerful success and redefine what leadership means to them and their community.

“Student Testimonials”

*Stipend and Scholarships*

Program Evaluation

Among the students surveyed (N=91) upon completion of the 2-week summer virtual program, 93% of students reported that the program met their expectations.

Over 92% of students reported that our ELA classes and enrichment courses were relevant, engaging, and motivational.

Nearly all students reported that the materials and topics covered throughout the duration of the program were helpful to them and that the Credentialed Teachers and Instructors were engaging and knowledgeable in their respective subject matter.

In addition, close to 90% of students reported that as a result of this program, they feel better equipped to go to college and 95% prompted they would highly recommend this program to other students.

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